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Breaking Down the Cost of a 200-Day Overlanding Trip Across the Americas

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During our time on the road, we’ve kept a pretty detailed track of our expenses (using a great app called TrailWallet). As we’re wrapping things up now, it was time … Read More

Overlanding Colombia – 10 Places That Really Blew Us Away

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We have spent about 3 weeks in Colombia and wanted to share our impression of the 10 places that really blew us away as we drove for 1,600 miles from … Read More

Medellin – How One Of The Most Violent Cities in the World Changed Its Fortune

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The Infamous Criminal Whose Name We Do Not Say “Here and here”, Juan was pointing to his thigh and leg to showcase the spots on the leg where he was … Read More

The Panamericana and the Darien Gap — Getting from Panama to Colombia in the Ultimate Roadtrip

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I remember sometime years ago trying to look on Google Maps on how far one can drive if you were to leave from home and just head South. Curiously enough, … Read More

Overlanding in Style – from Camping to Hilton-ing or How We Scored 50 to 100 Free Nights at Hilton Hotels

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We are currently wrapping up our stay in Panama City where we’ve been for the last 4 days organizing the logistics for shipping our Land Cruiser  to Colombia. When we … Read More

We Went Down 2,000 Feet Under The Sea in a Homemade Submarine off a Tiny Island in Honduras. Here’s How It Happened.

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We were having lunch and drinking a beer, while reading up on Honduras, when Susan mentioned something that caught her eye: “oh, there’s a guy called Karl on Roatan island … Read More

The Strange, Unexpected Journey of the American Yellow School Bus in Guatemala

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Almost immediately as we entered Guatemala, we came face-to-face with a somewhat unusual breed of vehicles overtaking us on steep mountain roads. The best way to describe it would be … Read More

Reflections from the First Month On The Road

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Hard to believe, but it has already been a month since we’ve departed from New York and headed South. Since then we’ve covered over 5,000 miles across the U.S. and … Read More

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