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Northern Mexico and the Copper Canyon

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Crossing the Border It was hard to know what to expect as we crossed the border into Mexico. Truth is, the info we’d would come across seemed at odds with … Read More

Meet Fred, the ’99 Land Cruiser

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In the center of any overland journey, there’s the unsung hero of it all – the truck itself. It’s the one that has to do most of the heavy lifting … Read More

How To Pack For 6 Months Of On-The-Road Living

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In a way, packing for this trip proved to be much simpler than expected. As in 2016/2017, we spent ~1.5 years living on a small 36″ boat, we’ve already went … Read More

… And We Are Off!

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It was a few minutes after noon on January 8th, 2018 as we rolled out from Queens, NY and set the course South towards Mexico, our first international destination. Leaving … Read More

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