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Hello there! We are Boris and Susan of the Turn Right at the Amazon.

After a few years of thinking about it, talking about it, and dreaming about it, in January 2018, we’ve left our home and the security of knowing what tomorrow will bring to embrace the unknown and spend the subsequent ~6 months doing an overland journey from Boston to Argentina in a ’99 Toyota Land Cruiser. This site is our way to reflect on this trip as it’s happening, as well as encourage others who may be thinking about doing an adventure of their own to, well, do it!

About Susan



Originally from China, but living in Boston since 2010, she’s been a huge fan of the Discovery channel since 5 years old and have always imagined doing an epic travel around the world.

Solo traveling in Peru in 2014 has inspired her to start with exploring Central and South America first. Little did that this was the first seed of the idea that led to quit her job, give up the apartment, and live on top of a truck for 6 months.

About Boris

Boba Profile


Originally from Lithuania, Boris has been living in New York and more recently in Boston since 1997.

After completing a South Africa to London overland trip in a 1980’s Land Rover back in 2011 with a few close friends, Boris was just waiting for the opportunity to do it all over again to present itself. When he met Susan and she mentioned in passing that she always dreamt of traveling across South and Central Americas, he knew there was something special there!

Find out more about Boris’ work and past travel writing.

About Fred



Fred is a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser that’s been modified for comfortable long-distance travel and living. Named after a Flinstone character who have had a prehistoric car that was basic but would go everywhere it needed, the name seemed apt to describe this 20-year old truck that may appear old and basic at first glance, but has got plenty of adventure left in him.