… And We Are Off!

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It was a few minutes after noon on January 8th, 2018 as we rolled out from Queens, NY and set the course South towards Mexico, our first international destination.

Leaving New York was feeling a bit surreal. After more than half a year of planning, plotting and preparing, the trip was finally here. Up until this moment, it always existed in an abstract series of to-do and to-prepare lists – so, while there were always things that needed to be checked off the list that kept us in a near-constant busyness, it didn’t fully hit us that the trip was finally there until that morning.

As we started off the drive on the familiar Belt Parkway, we both comfortably set in our seats as we also began to set in this new, unfamiliar lifestyle that lies ahead this year. Onwards and upwards!


As the Land Cruiser is fully loaded and ready to go!




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